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Re: [ecf-dev] How can I add my bundles to Bucky/Hudson builder?

 Hello Scott,

30.09.2010 20:52, Scott Lewis пишет:
> I see that this bundle imports these two packages:
> com.sun.syndication.feed, There's also a
> require bundle on org.jdom
> Where/what bundle is needed to resolve these deps? Are they in Orbit?
> If so, what version/branch is needed?
Yes this bundles (com.sun.syndication and org.jdom) exists in Orbit and
I will make CQ request for its now.
> If you and others don't have any immediate plans to add additional
> rest example bundles, then I would suggest simply adding to the
> o.e.e.remoteservices.examples.feature.
I haven't plans to add additional rest example bundles, I will add
example bundle to o.e.e.remoteservices.examples.feature.
> Additionally, I would like to have one of the other committers review
> the shape of these new bundles...just for things like EF compliance
> rules (e.g. having necessary files like about.html,,
> etc). With only a quick glance it looks like things are good...but I
> haven't been able to do more than a quick glance myself yet...and
> won't be able to do immediately...but we'll definitely have to do it
> prior to release.
My bundles went through IP process, see CQ 4380
> But first let's work out the com.sun.syndication, and org.jdom
> dependency that once added to features we can get
> everything to compile/build.
Ok, I will make new CQ and will not add my bundles into any features
while IP team did not approve it.

Pavel Samolisov, ECF committer
From soviet Russia with love!

XMPP/Jabber: samolisov@xxxxxxxxx

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