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Re: [ecf-dev] How can I add my bundles to Bucky/Hudson builder?

 Hi Pavel,

Sorry about my slowness to respond...very busy these days.

On 9/30/2010 9:27 AM, Pavel Samolisov wrote:
  Hello Markus

Do you mean releng/features?

I did not add its to any features, but I think I should add to

Yes, I agree with this feature placement for this bundle.

I see that this bundle imports these two packages: com.sun.syndication.feed, There's also a require bundle on org.jdom

Where/what bundle is needed to resolve these deps? Are they in Orbit? If so, what version/branch is needed? If not, we'll need to know where to find them...and use for building/distribution, etc. And of course they have to go through IP if third party and they haven't been through already. Even if they have been through already for another project, we need to file a 'piggy-back' CQ for use by ECF.

and to
o.e.e.remoteservices.examples.feature. Or may be I should make new

That depends...if you (or others) have plans for creating more rest remote services examples, then I would suggest creating a new then including that feature in o.e.e.remoteservices.examples.feature If you and others don't have any immediate plans to add additional rest example bundles, then I would suggest simply adding to the o.e.e.remoteservices.examples.feature.

Additionally, I would like to have one of the other committers review the shape of these new bundles...just for things like EF compliance rules (e.g. having necessary files like about.html,, etc). With only a quick glance it looks like things are good...but I haven't been able to do more than a quick glance myself yet...and won't be able to do immediately...but we'll definitely have to do it prior to release.

But first let's work out the com.sun.syndication, and org.jdom dependency that once added to features we can get everything to compile/build.



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