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Re: [ecf-dev] Problem regarding hello.ds examples.

Hi Scott --

More questions :)

I found this this morning and it really helped a lot in explaining what is going on behind the scene.

So with this knowledge, I tinkered around a little bit and now I think that the in my example is not ever broadcasting that the service is available. I changed the cardinality of the reference in the client from 0..n to 1..n and the client service fails to start appropriately which lead me to the conclusion.

I don't start the host via the application launcher as I am trying to have the loaded as part of a broader set of plugins. Is there a specific plugin (or plugins) (ecf) that I need to make sure is started in order for the broadcast of the service to happen?

Thanks again!

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  Hi Jeff,

On 9/8/2010 5:01 AM, Jeff Hamm wrote:
> Hey Scott --
> Thanks for the reply. I think I know what I did that's causing the problem.
> In hello.xml, I had added the following:
>     <service>
>        <provide interface=""/>
>     </service>
> I did this thinking that I would need a service to the host and that that you could obtain it through the implemented interface. My thinking was wrong.

Actually, this behavior (exposing the proxy on the *host*) could possibly be introduced (I would need to think about implications here...i.e. for OSGI-specified behavior, etc., before committing that it would be ok).  So if you have a use case for it please let us all know.

> Thanks for helping me work through this.

No problem.  Thanks for using ECF, and bringing up your question/issue/bug on this forum.


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