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Re: [ecf-dev] ECF releases

On Tue, 2010-08-31 at 14:51 -0700, Scott Lewis wrote:

> ECF 3.4.0 - DNS-SD-based discovery
> Once 3.3.1 is complete, I propose that we begin preparing for ECF 3.4, 
> with a target release date of October 15, 2010.  What will be new in 
> this release?  My expectation is that the major thing will be the dns-sd 
> discovery provider done by Markus K for his google soc 2010 
> project...along with additional bug fixes and existing API 
> enhancements.  The dns-sd provider alone is enough to justify a minor 
> release, IMHO.  If there are other things that people would propose to 
> be included in this release (3.4.0) I'm certainly open to them.  Please 
> say so if there are other things that you know of/have been working on 
> that could be completed in time for 3.4.


while the ECF provider work is in a shape that justifies a release, the
underlying dnsjava has not yet been CQed by the foundation yet (review
is scheduled for September). If approved everything is fine, but if not
we need to figure out a way how to distribute the bundle.

So far ECF use two separate update sites - one with IP clearance hosted
at download.eclipse.org and another one with code lacking IP clearance
served via OSU. This dates back to update manager age where we had no
composite repos.
Nowadays p2 enables us to aggregate both repos into a single composite
one which e.g. makes it for DNS-SD consumers a lot easier as they can do
some sort of "one stop shopping".
Thus I suggest that starting with ECF 3.4 we move to a composite p2 repo
hosted at download.ECF-PROJECT.ORG that serves non CQed code as well as
CQed bits and make it our primary download location/p2 repo advertised
on http://eclipse.org/ecf. For consumers that are strictly bound to CQed
code we will obviously keep download.eclipse.org.

Btw. since 3.4 is going to be the first ECF release made from git
instead of CVS, we will have to update the website and the wiki anyway
to point to the new source repo. Should be easy to also update the links
to the binary repo.