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Re: [ecf-dev] remote service / zookeeper problems - it's working

Hey Bryan,

Bryan Hunt wrote:
I managed to get it all working.  I had to configure the container as described below, and I had to move one of my servers to another host.  If both of the servers are on the same host, only one remote service is seen by the consumer.

Something to consider is the configuration of the container.  In my use-case, the value of the server id must be dynamic as the servers can be started on any host.  Fortunately, my DS must be configured with ConfigurationAdmin, so I can dynamically set the server id value.  This wouldn't work so well for someone trying to statically set the id in the service description.

Just to clarify my use-case: There are 1..n servers where each server runs in it's own JVM on any one of several thousand hosts. Each server is identical - it exports the same DS remote service - think load balancing.

Since you mentioned this, you and others might be interested by the work on load balancing using a JMS queue...for load balancing individual method invocations of a given remote OSGi service.


As with many things, 'load balancing' has different meanings in different use cases, so this may not be appropriate for what Bryan is doing/wanting to do...but in any case it's there, and uses the JMS queue concept to positive effect for some use cases.