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[ecf-dev] remote service / zookeeper problems

I'm trying to get OSGi remote services working with ECF 3.3 / zookeeper and ecf.generic.server

I have a system with three processes using OSGi remote services: one is the consumer, and the other two are servers.  The servers each publish one instance of the same remote service and this appears to be working correctly.  If I look at the list of services on each of the servers, I see the service registered twice: once by my code, and once by  I see two sets of connections on the zookeeper console - one for each server.  

Here is the problem ...

The consumer sees only one remote service instead of two - the service published by the server started first.  Note that all processes are running in separate JVMs on the same machine.  I also have the zookeeper server running on the same machine.  Any ideas here?  Is there tracing on a specific bundle that might help track down the problem?  Any specific breakpoints I can set?

Aside ...

Also note that I've tried both jmdns and slp for discovery and neither one of them can get the service published on the server end.  jmdns seems to choke on the number of parameters I need to configure the service, and slp simply throws an exception.  I've debugged the jmdns problem a bit and I'll open a bug at some point, but right now, I'm really hoping to get zookeeper working.

I'm going to try to dig deeper - any suggestions to reduce the debug time would be appreciated.


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