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Re: [ecf-dev] ESE Talk

Hi Wim,

My suggestions for technical areas for talk(s):

1) OSGi Remote Services impl (as you suggest)
2) Extending ECF's remote services implementation (via custom host/proxy container finders)
3) New Discovery and Distribution providers (e.g. dnssd, jms, javagroups, etc)
4) Modularity in remote services...specifically discovery and distribution modularity (mixing and matching discovery and distribution providers based upon requirements/specific use cases)
5) Creating your own provider (for discovery, or distribution, or some other part of ECF)
6) Asynchronous (vs synchronous) remote services
7) Load balancing and other more 'exotic' remote services use cases
8) Distributed EventAdmin and standardized pub/sub
9) REST-based remote services (clients and servers)

These aren't in any particular order or anything (just in the order that they occurred to me).

And it would be great to have talks about work in other areas of ECF...e.g. Wave provider, Newsreader, Spring integration, etc.


Wim Jongman wrote:
Hi All,

Let's try to submit a talk to ESE before the deadline tomorrow. I suppose we should talk about the chapter 13 remote services implementation and maybe some of the new discovery stuff.

Any suggestions?


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