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[ecf-dev] Debug ECF remote services

Hi folks, 

I'm trying now for month to get a simple ECF remote services example run over XMPP. I've read almost every ECF article but it still doesn't work. My problem is that I don't know how to debug my ECF code. The task is very simple. I got two clients userA and userB. What I need two know is did the remote service registration work properly. Example: 

1. userA publishes a remote service to userB -> my questions: 
	a) did the publishing stuff for userA work properly with ECF
	b) can userB use the service published by userA

In OSGi I can use the console to debug service registrations etc. In ECF I'm hitting the wall over and over and just don't know whether: my code is buggy or ECF is buggy? When I try to retrieve previously registered services the result array is always empty.

Any help will be appreciated.