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[ecf-dev] ECF 3.3/Helios Released

Hi Folks,

ECF 3.3 was just released as part of the Helios Simultaneous Release 
(June 23, 2010 9am eastern).  To get/download go here [1].

I would like to congratulate everyone in the ECF community (committers, 
contributors, consumers) on an excellent release.  ECF is now an 
industrial strength distributed systems infrastructure, with full 
support for the OSGi 4.2 remote services standard.  We also have 
features enabled by our architecture that other frameworks cannot 
duplicate...such as being able to select from a pluggable palette of 
modules (e.g. various discovery and distribution providers) to develop, 
test, and deploy standardized remote services.  This along with support 
for REST-based remote services, SOAP-based remote services, asynchronous 
remote services, event admin, new providers and examples in what is 
still a comparatively small and compact framework...truly outstanding.

Even more exciting to me is that our community is clearly 
flourishing...even in difficult economic times...as we are continuously 
getting more enhancement requests as well as large community 
contributions (e.g. Apache Zookeeper discovery).  The input and 
contributions allow us to both understand and then address consumer 
needs more quickly, cooperatively, and effectively.  This shows ECF as a 
truly open, innovative, community-driven, diverse, and sustainable 
project.  In all these respects, I think we are exemplary within the 
Eclipse Foundation suite of projects.

Those that can please help the promotion of ECF via blog posts, articles 
or other means at your disposal.  As a non-corporate-owned project we 
are somewhat hampered in our ability to make known all of what ECF 
is/consists of, and what it can provide...but with your help the word is 

Special thanks go to Markus Kuppe, Harshana Eranga Martin, and Wim 
Jongman for helping out with the Helios release engineering and project 
review materials creation.  Thanks to David Williams for all his hard 
work on the Helios build and help with the obscurities of building and 
coordinating all of Helios.

Incidently, for those interested, I've recently viewed an insightful 
video about the evolution and future of open source that you may enjoy.  
See [2].  That rabbit is dynamite!

So again...my congratulations!  Very well done!  ...and ever forward.

Many thanks...and ENJOY!


[1] http://www.eclipse.org/ecf/downloads.php
[2] http://ht.ly/1ZZFL