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Re: [ecf-dev] org.eclipse.ecf.example.clients & IllegalMonitorStateException

Hi All,

So I hope we can close out this thread. I'll restate a couple of things just for my own clarity...this maybe obvious, but that's my job as project lead...restating the obvious :)

1) I may be have misinterpreted Dann's original questions WRT EMF to start this off...if so, I apologize to all. 2) ECF is using EMF...for the discovery UI (not for the discovery api, but rather for the tooling above it). With the wonder and beauty of OSGi modularity we and others get to have our cake and not have it too. 3) This is not the place to discuss/debate the merits (or not )of EMF...just like it's not the place to discuss the merits of OSGi, or Java, Buckminster, or whatever. It's my experience that any/every technology has both attractive and unattractive aspects, and it usually comes down to whether one's own use case fits the attractive aspects while incurring as few of the unattractive aspects as possible. I think that for ECF's use case (discovery ui) EMF is working extremely well. 3a) If there are technical questions about the ECF code that uses EMF, then lets have them here. 4) As Thomas said, Buckminster is a consumer of ECF, and ECF is a user of Buckminster (for our current build). We work cooperatively together to address our respective problems, and in general this inter-project collaboration has gone very well, I think. Thanks to all involved for that...and we'll look forward to a continuing fruitful collaboration. 5) ECF is working on our build (e.g. to add automated testing of more of ECF, and to add building of stuff hosted at the OSU Open Source Lab site). Inevitably, we have questions about Buckminster, it's interaction with Hudson, how to do some things that are less obvious, etc. At the moment, this is mostly led by Markus K, in cooperation with Ted K and myself. 6) We are looking for other committers and/or contributors to help out with this, as we would like to produce other distros (e.g. stuff from OSU Open Source lab, distros which are intended for Equinox servers, TweetHub and/or other exemplary applications, etc). Moving this forward takes work and time no matter how one looks at it...and Markus, nor Ted, nor I cannot do it all. IMHO as many of us as possible working on it cooperatively is the way to make progress. 7) This is also not the place for flame wars, personal attacks, or even meta-discussions...i.e. about discussions, discussion style, personal communication style, individual psychology, etc).

So, I suggest we redouble our focus on the things at hand:

1) How can we best address the ECF consumer needs for
  a) alternative/additional distros...which implies adding to the ECF build
  b) more automated testing using existing (and perhaps new) test code

2) If there are technical questions about any parts of ECF then lets have them. But lets keep them focused on informing about the technology and on improving our own offerings jointly/collaboratively with the community.



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