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Re: [ecf-dev] org.eclipse.ecf.example.clients & IllegalMonitorStateException

Uh... who from the EF asked to close this discussion?

I assume that this stems from a private note I sent to Dann yesterday:

Hi Dann. I think that Scott may have misinterpreted your original question.

You would like to know why EMF is being used. That's a fair question. I respectfully suggest that you use a slightly different tone and maybe ask the question is a slightly different way. It is reasonable to ask for a pointer to the discussions that lead to the decision to use EMF for that particular application.

Unfortunately, you tone came across (at least to me) as challenging. You might as well have written something along the lines of "what stupid idiot decided to use EMF?" I'm sure that this is not what you intended.

I am concerned that this conversation is starting to spin out of control and would like to see that reigned in. All parties will benefit from polite discourse.

Perhaps my use of the term "reigned in" may have been misinterpreted. My intended meaning was to stop the developing flame war and refocus on the original question. In retrospect, I should have posted this on the public forum. Also, given the chance, I would re-write the first sentence. Scott didn't misinterpret the question... I believe that there was a miscommunication in the tone of the question.

The Eclipse Foundation is not in the business of censoring conversation.


Markus Alexander Kuppe wrote:
On 03/03/2010 09:50 PM, Markus Alexander Kuppe wrote:
On 03/03/2010 03:01 AM, Dann Martens wrote:

Markus, your feedback would be appreciated! Thanks in advance!
We mainly choose EMF for the matter that it is extensible and well
established within the Eclipse Ecosystem. If adopters want to specialize
the discovery UI, they simply have to drop in a specialized EMF model.

Apparently the EF has asked to close this discussion. IMO they should do
this on list instead of privately for the sake of openness.

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