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[ecf-dev] Spring and ECF Remote Services

Hi Folks,

I wanted to let everyone know that we've received a very useful contribution from Angelo Zerr: Integration between Spring DM and ECF Remote Services. Essentially, what this allows people to do is to publish and use remote services using Spring's declarative structure. This provides another option for those that wish to create remote now people can easily export (host) and consume (consumer) remote services with

1) Java using OSGi BundleContext.registerService (host) and normal service lookup code (like ServiceTracker). See [1] for examples and short tutorial
2) OSGi Declarative Services.  See [1] also for example code.
3) Using Spring. See Angelo's new wiki page at [2] for a description of this work.

Further, this work can/will serve as an integration point between ECF and the new Virgo project proposal [3] and the Virgo newsgroup [4].

Thanks go to Angelo for his excellent contribution of both code and documentation. I hope and expect it will be valuable to many ECF (and Spring) community members.



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