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Re: [ecf-dev] Some questions about Roster/Presence API

Hi Pavel,

Samolisov Pavel wrote:
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Hello folks,

I'm developing ECF OSCAR Provider (see bug and I have some
questions about Roster/Presence API.

Interface IRoster and it's implementations (Roster) has some items
(method getItems()). Should Roster contain only online items?


XMPPContainerPresenceHelper has method handleIQEvent and this method add
new online items to roster and delete offline items... if I'm not wrong.

I didn't think it was like this (only online items added to roster), so if it is doing this it's probably a bug.

Where I can persist full contact list (online and offline users)?

There's no persistence of the contact list included in the presence API itself...mostly because except for preferences Equinox itself doesn't provide a persistence mechanism, and when the presence API was being created we didn't want to add dependencies on db/persistence.

What is PresenceEvent and IQEvent? I'm newbe in jabber protocol and do
not know this one.

I think I'll have to refer you to the Smack API documentation as these are exposed by that API...this link is where it's supposed to be, but it's 'down for maintenance' at the moment:

I googled about ECF Presence API and have found only this email:

What does documentation about ECF Presence API exist?

There's not very much. Some here:

Some words about ECF OSCAR Provider: I have released main ECF's APIs:
SharedObject API, DataShare API and RemoteServices API. ChatManager also
works fine.

Can you audit/review this work and push it into ECF 3.2 build?

Unfortunately I don't think it will/can make it for the ECF 3.2 build, but I will work on review as quickly as I can.

 Provider hosted into OSUOSL and contains 4 bundles:


I should start my PhD work and may be will continue developing slowly,
but I do not stop works on provider. I will finish this work if you help me.

Yes, of course. It's going to take some time, however, since these days I (Scott) am extremely busy, and the other ECF committers are not active recently. Remy S, Chris A., Marcello and/or others that have spent time with the Presence API please feel free to chime in and help Pavel here.


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