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[ecf-dev] 1/1/2010 conference call CANCELED. Next ECF conference call 1/8/2010

Hi Folks,

No ECF conference call tomorrow/Mon 1/1/2010...I have another overlapping commitment. If people have things to add to the 1/8/2010 call please go to the wiki page and add to the agenda:

Also: Harshana and I are working on the ECF 3.2 New and Noteworthy and review slideware...and it has to be turned into the EMO by 1/3/2010 for a release review date of 1/10/2010 and a release date of 1/19/2010. If you have anything to add to the N&N and/or review slideware (outside the things listed below), please let Harshana (harshana05 at and/or me (slewis at know as soon as possible.

BTW, I've begun in earnest work on the ECF Google Wave provider...see: All those interested in participating/helping/reviewing/contributing to/etc should please join the bug, and make a comment to that effect on the bug.



---Major new items for ECF 3.2 New and Noteworth and slideware---

1) OSGi 4.2 remote services standard see 2) SOAP and REST APIs: see 3) Load Balancing for Remote Services:
4) Remote Services Examples (see
5) Progress on Google Wave Provider: bug

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