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Re: [ecf-dev] ECF Spring Support

Hi Angelo,

Angelo zerr wrote:
Hi ECF Team,

I'm working on Dynaresume Project <> which is RCP application with Spring Dynamic Module <>. If you are frensh and if you are interested I have explained how develop RCP application with Spring Dynamic Module into my blog at

Today we are using Spring remoting with HTTP Invoker <> to manage remoting between Client and Serveur. ECF seems very powerfull and I would like study if we can use it, but I would like use Spring to use it in order to declare service into Spring bean.

So my question is "Are you planned to develop ECF Spring Support?" Do you think it's easy to develop that?

We don't have any specific plans to add Spring support to ECF at this time. This is no reflection on our desire to support Spring, but rather simply a reflection of the fact that the ECF project is extremely resource limited right now, and cannot undertake anything beyond what we've already committed to doing in our project plan [1].

However, I believe that given our recently announced [2] support for the OSGi 4.2 remote services specification, and the fact that Spring DM is based fundamentally on the OSGi service registry/service standards, my belief/suspicion is that Spring DM and ECF 3.2+ should work together very effectively...without any further explicit support from ECF. That is, I believe the OSGi 4.2 remote services support should/will provide a good degree of integration by itself.

Further, the recently announced Virgo project [3], does explicitly mention ECF as a target project for integration, and so further integration may come naturally out of that from the Virgo team.

Finally, if others (e.g. you and/or others in the community) would like to contribute more explicit support or changes for Spring to ECF then we are happy to incorporate such contributions into ECF itself where needed. Or, if you would like to supporting such an effort directly (e.g. by supporting one or more existing committers to do such work), then again we would be happy to do that.




Thank a lot.

Regards Angelo

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