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Re: [ecf-dev] DocShare through a firewall

Hi Bill,

Bill Michell wrote:
<stuff deleted>
This seems to me unlikely to be a firewall issue.  Rather I suspect that it's some issue with the configuration of the jabber server.  The reason is this...if it's possible to use the XMPP provider to connect and chat, it should be possible to use docshare...since docshare is based upon the datashare API, and for the xmpp provider this is implemented using the xmpp message properties (i.e. data that is sent with xmpp messages).  So docshare on xmpp doesn't require a separate simply reuses the existing connection.
Is this still true of the initial exchange where the original content of the document is transmitted to the remote Eclipse instance?

Yes.  The initial exchange is also done via datashare (which uses the shared object api, which uses xmpp message properties).

But I have heard that some servers do not, by default, allow message property traffic through....that they just don't allow message property traffic through.  So I would suggest first looking for xmpp message properties support info for the jabber server (what jabber server are you using, BTW?).
jabberd. My support team have asked me for a copy of any communication logs. I can't see either a view or a console that appears to fit the bill. Does ECF allow inspection of the XMPP traffic? Or will I need wireshark or similar?

We use the Smack API to implement XMPP.  You can turn on the Smack debugger (which shows the XMPP messages both incoming and outgoing in a separate user interface).  To turn on the Smack debugger, start the process that's going to run things (in this case Eclipse, I suppose) with this command line parameter:


When you make a connection, the smack debug window should come up.


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