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Re: [ecf-dev] ECF1 (non-EPL) material

On 12/10/2009 05:54 PM, Harshana Eranga Martin wrote:
> Hi Markus,
> I have committed my SIP VoIP code which was developed as a part of the
> GSoc program to the "call" module on the ECF1. So when you are
> migrating the CVS to Git on the ECF1, will you be able to migrate it
> along the other part of the non-EPLed codebase?.

Hi Harshana,

the repo will be/was converted as a whole including your call/ project.

If you additionally want your code to be build and packaged by the build
machine [1] and made available to consumers, you will have to provide us
with Buckminster mpsec/cspec/rmap [1]. Alternatively, if your code is
ready for prime time, we may move it into the "official" ecf1 update
site [3].



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