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Re: [ecf-dev] ECF1 (non-EPL) material

Hi Markus,

I have committed my SIP VoIP code which was developed as a part of the
GSoc program to the "call" module on the ECF1. So when you are
migrating the CVS to Git on the ECF1, will you be able to migrate it
along the other part of the non-EPLed codebase?.

2009/12/10 Markus Alexander Kuppe <>:
> Hi,
> while working on builds and CVS > Git migration, the questions came up
> what code on the ECF1 should be build and part of the non-EPLed
> distribution? Currently we have the generic
> features/
> plugins/
> tests/
> structure plus a bunch of projects:
> aol/
> applications/
> bbapi/
> call/

-This is the module i have committed.
> eclipsert/
> modules/
> newsreader/
> remoteprovisioning/
> rest/
> sip/
> wave/
> As a component owner please indicate that your code should be build,
> packaged and shipped as part of the ECF1 update site or as separate project.
> Markus
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> ecf-dev mailing list
> ecf-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx

Thanks and Regards,
Harshana Martin

Harshana Eranga Martin
Department of Computer Science & Engineering,
University Of Moratuwa,
Sri Lanka.


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