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Re: [ecf-dev] ECF OSU CVS repo to Git migration

On 12/07/2009 11:45 PM, Ted Kubaska wrote:
> Markus we get an error with this path when trying to access from eclipse.
> Cannot access /home/gitcvs/CVSROOT
> We dont see a CVSROOT under /home/gitcvs/

It turns out the git repo has to be a "bare" repo in order to be fully
usable by git-cvsserver. I've changed it to be a bare repo now and I can
successfully use it from inside Eclipse as well as the cmd line
(although it appears I cannot share a repo between the cmd line and

Unfortunately a bare repo cannot (easily) pull from e.g. Github due to
the lack of a working tree that is required for merging. That's why
there is currently no sync between the repo at Github and the git repo

If we really need to use Github because we cannot use the (bare) repo on directly (I can't think of a reason), we'd have to setup
a third repo which purpose would be to sync between Github and ecf1.
Personally I'd like to avoid this due to the extra work.


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