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[ecf-dev] ECF OSU CVS repo to Git migration

Hi all,

given that the foundation has chosen Git as a successor to CVS and
started to offer read-only Git repos already, probably makes us want to
convert our non-EPLed code repo located at OSU to Git as well [1]. Thus
I've begun to mirror ecf1 to Github [2]. If you wanna start right away
with git, you'll have to let me know your Github username so I can add
you as a collaborator. Alternatively you can fork the project and send
out pull requests.
However contrary to the foundation's setup it's it's not a pick and
chose as we can continue to use the CVS repo [4]. Unfortunately this
change requires one to set CVS_SERVER="git-cvsserver" if "ext" or
"extssh" is to be used as well as to relocate your existing CVS repos
due to a different path (a detailed manual how to use git-cvsserver is
part of the man page [4].
For the moment the old CVS repo is still online at the original URL
(which is _not_ mirrored) until I get a positive feedback that
git-cvsserver works flawlessly (or that everybody has migrated to Github).


[1] :pserver:anonymous@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:/ecf
[3] :pserver:anonymous@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:62401/gitcvs

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