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Re: [ecf-dev] link-local-messaging-client into ECF

Hi Roland and Markus,

Roland Matha wrote:
Hi Markus,
No my implementation is not publicly available already, but I try to write a
plugin for eclipse/ecf to make it available.

We should be able help with this. Our resources are extremely limited, but we certainly will help to the degree least with answering questions. If you are willing to contribute to ECF project (i.e. under EPL) then it can/would soon be distributed in ECF itself.

Thanks...and inadvance!



Zitat von Markus Alexander Kuppe <>:

On 12/07/2009 12:18 AM, Roland Matha wrote:
Hi Folks,
In the last weeks i wrote a link-local-messaging-client that works fine. I
ask if someone can help me to integrate it yet into the ECF.
Is already a help for me, when I know which interfaces must be implemented.
Hi Roland,

I'm not an expert on the EF messaging API, but I'd like to see shared
editing use link-local-messaging underneath. Is you implementation
publicly available already?

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