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Re: [ecf-dev] rest API work

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Hi Scott, Hi Holger

sorry, for being too quick with my posts. I guess your API suggests to
subclass IRestCallable and augment it to have request entities.
Am I right?

Greets + Thanks

Andre Dietisheim wrote:
> Hi Scott, Hi Holger
> I'm currently catching up with the latest incarnation of the ECF REST
> API. I noticed that you removed the possibility to include request
> entities that was present in the former version (parameter's gone in the
> RestCall and RestCallFactory).
> IMHO request entites are quite common to post calls. How do you suggest
> to deal with them? Subclass the factory?
> Greetings + Thanks
> André
> Scott Lewis wrote:
>> Hi Folks,
>> As per bug [1] there's been some work on simplifying Holger's most
>> excellent REST API (as well as better leveraging the ECF remote services
>> API).  These refactorings have now been released to head.  See [2] for
>> up-to-date javadocs, and [3] for access to the source code.  See
>> particularly the test code in
>> for usage examples...but more example code is coming.  If others use the
>> API and have example code, as usual all contributions will be
>> appreciated. As well, it would be great to integrate this API into
>> TweetHub for accessing the twitter service sometime soon.
>> With the improved integration with ECF remote services, it's now easily
>> possible to expose an arbitrary rest-based service as an ECF remote
>> service.  (e.g. twitter...or your favorite rest-based service).  It's
>> *not* necessary to have the service be exposed via an ECF-based
>> server/service (that is, any rest-based serviced can be accessed as a
>> remote service).
>> We also have IP approval to use and distribute the JSON parser
>> implementation, so that those rest services that use json as the
>> resource representation can parse JSON resources.  The parser
>> is now a bundle included in our build:  org.json. 
>> Eventually, this bundle will probably move to Orbit, but in the mean
>> time we will build it and deploy it with ECF.
>> Any thoughts/comments appreciated.
>> Scott
>> [1]
>> [2] 
>> (* packages)
>> [3]
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