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Re: [ecf-dev] Remote services and the Enterprise Early Draft

Hi Bryan,

Bryan Hunt wrote:
Hi Scott,

What are your plans relative the the new specs around remote services in the Enterprise Early Draft?

The plan is to implement it for Helios. My understanding (from Jan) is that should be straightforward to implement given our existing APIs and implementation. I haven't yet had a chance to read the early draft myself, however.

Who is going to implement the new discovery spec?

I don't know. I would prefer to have help from the community for implementing it, but if that does not materialize I will implement it personally. Markus and Jan would be the natural choices for the discovery portion, but I don't know if they have the resources to commit to that.

Will that live as part of ECF, or be part of Gemini?

Certainly it will be part of ECF...if it *also* ends up as part of Gemini then that would be fine with me (ECF is an 'interested party' for Gemini...and further interaction is possible and hopefully likely...but I can't speak to how collaborative/open/diverse the Gemini project will be). There's no reason, however, for ECF to wait for Gemini. We have working implementations, and our implementations are sufficiently general that we can implement what's now coming out of the EEG both easily and quickly. So we will implement them.

We will continue to implement the distributed OSGi/remote services part of the EEG standardization effort, and will *not* address the *other* rfcs coming out of the EEG. Better, I think, for ECF to stay focused on implementing the parts of the standards (distributed OSGI/remote services) and work as cooperatively as possible with the Gemini project on the other pieces (e.g. web container, db, etc).

Depending on the timeframe and my personal schedule, I may be interested in working on this.

That would be great. My plan is this...first, I'm currently working on finishing the implementation/changes for OSGI 4.2 final spec...i.e. the change from RFC119 to remote services (chap 13) of the spec. This is represented by [1]. I expect to focus on and finish this in the coming week.

After that, I intend to move onto implementing the remote services admin pieces...after reading the draft and commenting on things back to the OSGi consortium (in cooperation with Jan, who is on the EEG). I have no particular desire to do all of this myself, however, and would welcome participation by you (Bryan), and/or others that would be able and willing to help.

Thanks for offering your contribution (and inadvance!).



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