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[ecf-dev] first cut at new features

Hi Folks,

With a rapidly changing world for OSGi and Eclipse, it makes some sense for us (ECF) to create/support ways for people to consume parts of ECF for different uses. Currently, we have one feature (i.e. the entire sdk)...and this allows someone to install all the ECF sdk via one feature into Eclipse.

ECF is now being used in ways other than within Eclipse, however, (e.g. in Equinox/OSGi-based servers, in RCP apps, etc.). In order to make it easier to consume the appropriate parts of ECF for these other environments (as well as Eclipse), I've started creating features for subsets of the ECF bundles.
For example:

(discovery providers)

Remote Services and REST
(remote services providers)
(more to come here...e.g. xmpp, jms/activemq, javagroups, etc)

OSGi remote services (previously known as RFC119):


This isn't exhaustive ( we've got presence, telephony, filetransfer, other components as well). And I wanted to put these on CVS so that we could discuss the shape/content of things (and make changes of course). The feature projects are in this CVS module:


Please take a look at these if/when you can, and bring comments/thoughts/etc to the Monday Dec 7 conference call.



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