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Re: [ecf-dev] rest API work

Hi Andre,

Andre Dietisheim wrote:
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Hi Scott

Your work on ECF Rest looks pretty interesting. Thanks! I tried to catch
up with the latest but I have still some compilation errors in my
workspace. I'd appreciate a lot if you could gimme some hints here:

- - all* bundles don't
compile any longer. They're missing a class

These projects/bundles are no longer needed (i.e. the* bundles).

- - org.eclipse.ecf.tests.remoteservice does not compile any more. It
lacks a package org.eclipse.ecf.server.generic

This project/package is in the normal ECF location in CVS...i.e.


- - does not compile any longer.
It complains about the following call to createContainer. It's says that
it may only be applyable with the arguments String, Object[]

protected IContainer createRestContainer(String uri) throws
     ContainerCreateException {
	return getContainerFactory().createContainer(
			RestConstants.REST_CONTAINER_TYPE, uri);

The createContainer(String,String) method in IContainerFactory was just recently added. So the easiest/best thing to do would be to get the source for the org.eclipse.ecf project into your workspace. It's at



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