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Re: [ecf-dev] Troubles with Datashare over XMPP

Hi Pavel,

I cannot currently duplicate this, so we're going to have to figure out a way for me to collect enough information to debug.

One initial thought...could you run both clients with Smack debugging on (i.e. system property: -Dsmack.debugEnabled=true) and capture the sent and received packets for both clients? Please edit out the passwords in the xml data.

Also, what is the XMPP server at samolisov@xxxxx (i.e. what server software)? And who configures it?

Finally, if you wish you can run the tests in org.eclipse.ecf.tests.provider.xmpp with these two accounts. The tests require system properties to specify the account/pw information...i.e. here's an example


You will need to change the username?/password? info appropriately for the two accounts. The test that you should probably run is org.eclipse.ecf.tests.provider.xmpp.remoteservice.RemoteServiceTest...many of the other tests in that project test the chat room access (and gmail has no chat room capability), so those tests aren't relevant.

Finally, another option is that if you have access to creating an account on the system for me (e.g. a guest or test account), I will try out the tests against my gmail/gtalk account. So if you are able to create an account on xmpp server for me (or let me know about accessing an existing account) please do so and I'll give it a try when I can.



Samolisov Pavel wrote:
I'm sorry for my English, Scott.

Yes, you are right. The sender is receiving the message but not the
intended receiver.

Are these XMPP servers able to communicate/federate?

Yes, they are.

Scott Lewis пишет:
Hi Pavel,

Samolisov Pavel wrote:
Hash: SHA1

Hello, folks!

I'm playing with Datashare API over XMPP-container and have some

I create ecf.xmpp.smack container, connect to my jabber account
"samolisov@xxxxx" (connect fine, I watch myself online), create channel
with name "channel"

IChannelContainerAdapter channelContainer = (IChannelContainerAdapter)
_container.getAdapter(IChannelContainerAdapter.class); channelContainer.createChannel(getNewID(CHANNEL_NAME),
getChannelListener(), null);

Bundle keep run.

Late, I start this bundle with another config: I create ecf.xmpp.smack
container, connect to my jabber account "samolisov@xxxxxxxxx" (connect
fine, I watch myself online) and create channel with name "channel".

And send message over channel to my another account:

IChannel sender = getChannel();
System.out.println("to = " + System.getProperty(XMPP_TO_ID));


Now are running two bundles with two containers.

But! This data has sended to my container (i.e. container that send this
data: "samolisov@xxxxxxxxx") and do not received by container that I
send this message ("samolisov@xxxxx").
Your phrasing in the description above is a little unclear to me so I
want to check:  are you saying that the "Hello" message is received by
the container that's doing the sending (samolisov@xxxxxxxxx), rather
than the target account/container? (i.e. samolisov@ya,ru  ...I'm not
sure if the comma is a typo, but I assume it is).  So the sender is
receiving the message but not the intended receiver?

And I can see that the two accounts are on different XMPP servers
( and  Are these XMPP servers able to



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