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Re: [ecf-dev] Troubles with Datashare over XMPP

Hi Pavel,

Samolisov Pavel wrote:
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Hello, folks!

I'm playing with Datashare API over XMPP-container and have some problems.

I create ecf.xmpp.smack container, connect to my jabber account
"samolisov@xxxxx" (connect fine, I watch myself online), create channel
with name "channel"

IChannelContainerAdapter channelContainer = (IChannelContainerAdapter)
getChannelListener(), null);

Bundle keep run.

Late, I start this bundle with another config: I create ecf.xmpp.smack
container, connect to my jabber account "samolisov@xxxxxxxxx" (connect
fine, I watch myself online) and create channel with name "channel".

And send message over channel to my another account:

IChannel sender = getChannel();
System.out.println("to = " + System.getProperty(XMPP_TO_ID));

Now are running two bundles with two containers.

But! This data has sended to my container (i.e. container that send this
data: "samolisov@xxxxxxxxx") and do not received by container that I
send this message ("samolisov@xxxxx").

Your phrasing in the description above is a little unclear to me so I want to check: are you saying that the "Hello" message is received by the container that's doing the sending (samolisov@xxxxxxxxx), rather than the target account/container? (i.e. samolisov@ya,ru ...I'm not sure if the comma is a typo, but I assume it is). So the sender is receiving the message but not the intended receiver?

And I can see that the two accounts are on different XMPP servers ( and Are these XMPP servers able to communicate/federate?



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