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Re: [ecf-dev] newsreader contribution


I have finished the downgrade to Foundation 1.1 thanks to API tooling. Now for package naming

I suggest he following packages  

This package contains all the POJO's there is no dependency on anything.

This will contain the ECF specific wrapping like IContainer etc. I don't think org.eclipse.ecf.nntp.ecf is a good name but it would be structurally better
The model contains a Store definition. The store definition is used to store the news locally for ofline reading and also for maintenance of read messages, quick searching etcetera. This is a reference implementation which utilizes the filesystem and is also CDC 1.1 ready.

Is the user interface/product. The actual newsreader reference implementation that will use the core packages.

The Salvo product will be depended on at least org.apache.mime4j which we have to get into the Orbit project.

I will be in Disney Paris for a couple-o-days.


Met vriendelijke groet, 

Wim Jongman

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