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Re: [ecf-dev] RFC119 problem with multiple remote interfaces

Hi Bryan,

It seems possible to me that it's related to this fixed bug, but I'm not immediately sure whether this is the same/same cause or not. I think it needs the comment of either Jan or Markus to be certain.

If it hasn't already been addressed then please do open a bug for it under remoteservices component, with [r-osgi] in the subject line.



Bryan Hunt wrote:
I have a component that happens to implement two service interfaces and both interface are exported remotely. When the client discovers the remote services and attempts to register the services, the server throws an NPE in ChannelEndpointImpl:1036 because reg.getDeliverServiceMessage() returned null. Any chance this problem has been found and already fixed in 3.0.1?

As an experiment, I changed the value of osgi.remote.interfaces from * to only one of the two service interfaces, and the client can see the remote service. If needed, I can work around the problem by introducing a service proxy on the server side.

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