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Re: [ecf-dev] ECF 3.1 download?

Hi Youssef,

Youssef Mohammed wrote:
I am just wondering what new features will be there in ECF 3.1 .

There is a new Rest API [1]. There is/was quite a lot of work on both the ECF remote services and the RFC119 work as well as a new implementation of a distributed event admin [2]. As well there were quite a number of bug fixes and small enhancements.

Can I finally share same file in same project to do real pair programming with a team member or does ECF still lack this feature ?

It still lacks this feature. If you wish this particular feature to progress further/faster, then I suggest you do something about it...e.g. either by adding yourself to bugs/enhancements like [3] and contributing to the effort your desired area.

As a volunteer-based, community-driven project we simply do not have the resources to address all desires/needs...especially since we have a number of disparate requests these days...from work on remote services/distributed osgi, to work on VOIP, to work on rt shared editing/to work on Google wave support. This is a good thing (as our community is getting larger), but it does mean that we have to get help from the community as we are getting with the excellent work this year from all four of the Google summer of code projects [4].

In the past, I've described the need for contributions to open source project as "the early bird defines the worm" [5]. Recently, I've come up with another way to put this that is perhaps more succinct: "contributions rule".

If you interested in developing specific areas of ECF, and are wondering how you can contribute (we have lots of needs...for everything from folks to contribute to the ECF build, to work on various desired enhancements, to more/other providers, to other things)...please do speak up and/or contact me and we'll get you directly involved.



Regards, Youssef

On Sun, Sep 13, 2009 at 10:33 PM, Scott Lewis <slewis@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:slewis@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

    Hi Bryan,

    Bryan Hunt wrote:

        Is there a way I can download an ECF 3.1 integration or
nightly build?

    No, not yet.  Apologies for that.  We have to introduce into the
    builder support for building and copying to
    <> ECF 3.1.  This is complicated by the fact
    that we are 1) right now finishing up the ECF 3.0.1 contribution
    for the Galileo maintenance release, and 2) that we are switching
    over to using Hudson/Buckminster builders.   But nonetheless, I
    will make sure that by the end of this coming week (9/14) that we
    are building and deploying nightly builds of ECF 3.1 in
    preparation for the upcoming  release....and you should be able to
    use them if you like.

        I think I'm running into problems in 3.0 that have been fixed.

    If you identify exactly which problems, I will attempt to make
    sure that as many of them as possible are in the ECF 3.0.1
    maintenance release (that is going out as part of Galileo 3.5.1
    maintenance release).




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