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[ecf-dev] conference call notes

Hi Folks,

Conference call notes for this morning at

action items:

1) PLEASE retrieve, use, and review the newsreader contribution code. To get the code, see Once a few ECF contributors/committers have examined and used the code, we will begin the IP approval process (CQ) for the contribution as well as adding Wim as a committer to maintain. I will be looking to try things out myself later this week, but I don't wish to be the only one reviewing the work. Thanks.

2) PLEASE retrieve, use, test, and review the ECF google summer of code projects...see


3) For those interested in participating in the update/modernization of the ECF build, please contact ted.kubaska@xxxxxxxxx (Ted) to get up to date on what's happening (thanks to Markus K and Ted we are now building and signing a new platform feature...for contributing the ECF filetransfer to the Eclipse platform/p2), and building our core/sdk feature also. This is using Hudson and Buckminster to do the build/signing.

Also...for everyone's info I'm working with the Eclipse PMCs/EMO to attempt to get ECF 3.1 review done in time for Galileo Simultaneous Release.


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