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[ecf-dev] Google SOC 2009 wrap up and next steps

Hi Folks,

ECF has been very fortunate to have a fantastic set of Google Summer of Code projects for 2009

These projects have all been flaming successes :), and I wanted to thank the students involved (Holger, Nuwan, Harshana, and Markus) for proposing the projects and doing an *outstanding* job with the work this year. We've had great success in the past with gsoc projects (e.g. Mustafa, Remy, Marcelo, Moritz's work), and this year is terrific also.

Now that the main part of the gsoc project work is over, we are going to

1) Get the results of these projects (i.e. the code) into ECF proper as quickly as possible. This requires Contribution Questionnaires be created for each contribution/student for their respective codebase. With the permission of each student and their mentor, I will do this myself over the next few weeks. I've just created a CQ for the REST API [1]. After consulting with the other students (and their mentors) and getting an final snapshot of their code, I will do the same thing for Nuwan's and Harshana's project work.

2) Each student that wishes to become a committer on take the work forward, fix bugs, add enhancements, and otherwise contribute to the ongoing distribution/release as part of ECF...may become a committer. As long as they agree, I would like the ECF committer mentor for each student to initiate a vote to add the student as committer (along with some small amount of background info as is usual for nominating new committers via the portal). Then the vote can take place over the next few weeks. Thanks all again for the work! And I'm looking forward to having all this good work distributed as part of ECF soon.

[1] : (this will only be accessible to ECF committers as per EF policy). The associated ECF enhancement request for this is here (accessible by everyone):

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