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[ecf-dev] [Fwd: [Eclipse Communication Framework] New comment on Remote OSGI over XMPP.]

Hi Jan and Markus and all,

I've had a comment on my blog posting that essentially boils down to asking to set/reset the r-OSGi request timeout. See below.

Can this be accomplished now or with enhancement?  Thanks,


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Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Remote OSGI over XMPP <>":

Hello Scott,

I would like to know if is possible to change the timeout value of the server for asynchronous communication, I am using the Eclipse ECF with R-OSGi and Equinox. When I modify the IRemoteCall timeout value with 3000 ms ...

remoteService.callAsync(createRemoteCall(), createRemoteCallListener());
System.out.println("callAsync invoked");

IRemoteCall createRemoteCall() {
return new IRemoteCall() {

public String getMethod() {
return "hello";
public Object[] getParameters() {
return new Object[] { "Asynch RemoteService Consumer" };
public long getTimeout() {
return 3000;

not work!!, only "timeout exceeded" after 120000 ms (2 min), this value is set in ch.ethz.iks.r_osgi.impl.ChannelEndpointImpl.


Posted by Anonymous to Eclipse Communication Framework <> at 3:42 AM, August 18, 2009

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