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Re: [ecf-dev] DS for ResourceRepresentations

Hi Scott

> Isn't it possible for there to be a ConfigurationListener that is not 
> registered by DS?

Yep, you're surely absolutely right. Thanks for your analysis!
I guess my approach is not reliable. I'll elaborate on a better method
I posted to the equinox newsgroup, unfortunately there's nobody around
that could give me hints.
I thought about tracking calls to the bind-/unbind-methods. The problem
here's that I have no clue about them when I'm in the activator. I'll
maybe have to delay the programmatic registration.
Any hints on this?

> Thanks for doing that.  The patch will be addressed, but Holger probably 
> has to do it, and I imagine  he has other items to deal with as well 
> (just FYI).

yep, sure! I'll wait the time it takes :-)


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