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[ecf-dev] Re: [Fwd: TweetHub Updates]

Congratulations to the gents that have been working on TweetHub (James Sugrue, Marcelo Mayworm, Francesco Guidieri, and Vincenzo Caselli).

I've just tried out the latest version...and I have to say it's really working...as well as looking great.

Let's keep up the good work...and we'll get TweetHub built and deployed as soon as possible.

Unless the TweetHub guys want me to help in other ways, I'm going to focus on enabling our ECF OSU build environment to build tweethub, so that we can soon build/deploy for multiplatform.


Scott Lewis wrote:
Forwarded from James with permission. Scott

From James Sugrue.  Originally sent Sat 7/19/2009.

Hi all

I did a bit of refactoring around TweetHub today, as I'd like to get it out to some people later this week
We've come a long way since the beginning - it's really taking shape. Take a spin of the latest if you get a chance.

What I did:
- Added view restoration in the TweetHub menu
- Added the preferences option to to menu (not populated yet)
- All views look the same now, including search.
- Search, Messages, Mentions are all populated and refreshed
- Tooltip for user information in Follower/Following View is better (includes image)

Here's what I think we need to get done before we can send this out. Feel free to add in your own opinions

- Add in preferences for the amount of API calls. Every view that gets populated = 1 call. And a Tweet is another call. We need a clever preferences page so that the user can balance this. I guess for this release it can be detailed.

- Add in the direct messages

- Populate the trends view.

- Show all Followers/Following rather than just 100

- Get more than just 15 search results.

- Add in buttons in the Message Composite to mark as favourite or to follow the user.

- Add in a View User link in the Follower/Following view so that we can open their Twitter page in a browser (to save API calls)

- Finally I need to contact Twitter to register TweetHub as a valid client. I plan to do that soon.

- Add a cool splash screen. I have an idea, I just need to get around to using Photoshop :-)

- I think we may need more detail in the Message composite (e.g. in reply to... )

- I'd like to add in Mylyn-type notifications as well as multiple user support, so that if I have two Twitter accounts I can have both open.. Maybe that needs to wait :)

Have a good weekend