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Re: [ecf-dev] ECF + GSOC 2009?

Markus Alexander Kuppe wrote:
<stuff deleted>
Me being a student myself again :),

I refuse to be the mentor for this guy...his proposals always go no where <laugh><grin><laugh>.

Just to make sure that no one misinterprets: the line above is a JOKE (ok, not that funny, but if you knew how much Markus has done with/for ECF you would be laughing now). I wonder how Google Summer of Code will handle a mentor/student combination? Maybe you'll define a new category (studtor or something?)

I intent to apply for something
along the lines of distributed testing. Obviously based on ECF and RFC119.

I think a distributed services test harness sub-project would be *fantastic*...possibly using g-Eclipse and/or other grid computing efforts. There's also room for tooling work here as well...e.g. Eclipse plugins that managed/reported distributed junit tests.

BTW, two other ideas I've had for projects if some are interested

1) ECF filetransfer provider based upon the Apache httpcore (httpclient 4.0) work 2) A filetransfer provider based upon Hadoop:

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