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Re: [ecf-dev] Questions on COLA

Hi Dennis,

devaughn wrote:

Before I throw the questions at you I want to give major kudo’s for all of what ECF offers especially COLA. I am currently looking at some areas of ECF to build collaboration tooling and have a few questions on COLA.

   1. Before I dig into the code to enable this, is there a reason to
      only allow one file at a time to be shared?
   2. Is there a reason that the compare editor’s could not be shared,
      I am assuming this may also have to do with the answer to the
      first question?

The answer to both of these questions (i.e. reason for one editor at a time) is fundamentally the same: simplification. Sharing only one file at a time simplifies things (both in terms of the user interface and in terms for the implementation/communication for synchronization)...the work on docshare that was done last year was done by only a few people part-time. (thanks Remy...the bug is a more technical description of the single-editor issue). Also, as Remy points out, he has been doing some recent work on implementing the platform team API using ECF (see his post) and this might be relevant for some of your requirements. This work is already in ECF 3.0.

Having said that, we are current gearing up for a renewed/increased technical effort on docshare/cola...including work in a number of areas. One thing that has happened over the last 9 months is that we have created a separation between the docshare user interface and the synchronization algorithm (cola). For reference, see We have implemented what we are calling a 'sync' api (in bundle org.eclipse.ecf.sync), with cola as the underlying implementation. Further, docshare for ECF 3.0 has been ported over to use the sync API. This sync api has a number of advantages...for example, it can/could be use in other applications (i.e. not docshare)...but rather other shared editors (like ones that use multiple editors, different model forms like graphical editors, etc).

Actually, Mustafa, Marcelo and myself are just now re-gearing up for additional work on docshare/sync API, etc. and would welcome both input about what things people want most out of this area (please open bugs/enhancements), and we are also looking for technical contributions (i.e. contributors who would be willing to work on new/additional code that can/could become part of ECF). So if you are able and willing to work with us, and contribute the code to the project (under EPL), we would very much appreciate your participation (this applies to everyone reading this). BTW, although people who can/would do coding are terrific, we would also appreciate help in other areas...e.g. documentation, testing, etc. We are somewhat limited, however, so our promises may not meet all the desireds.

So just let us know a) what you want; b) what you might be willing to contribute and as a community we'll do all we can to deliver.




I am thinking of using cola in a code review type of scenario but for that I would need to know that at least question 1 would be possible. I would like to visually represent the reviewee’s project in a view in the reviewers workbench. Essentially the reviewee would initiate the sharing of the project and the reviewer would decide which files to look at.


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