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[ecf-dev] Questions on COLA

Title: Questions on COLA

Before I throw the questions at you I want to give major kudo’s for all of what ECF offers especially COLA.  I am currently looking at some areas of ECF to build collaboration tooling and have a few questions on COLA.
  1. Before I dig into the code to enable this,  is there a reason to only allow one file at a time to be shared?
  2. Is there a reason that the compare editor’s could not be shared, I am assuming this may also have to do with the answer to the first question?

I am thinking of using cola in a code review type of scenario but for that I would need to know that at least question 1 would be possible.  I would like to visually represent the reviewee’s project in a view in the reviewers workbench.  Essentially the reviewee would initiate the sharing of the project and the reviewer would decide which files to look at.  


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