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Re: [ecf-dev] Exception handling start message null

Hi Scott,

> Wow. This is surprising. This is with (google talk?)
No - I used one google account and a one. When I use two
google talk accounts I cannot reproduce the exception.

> Would you please try with another account and see if you can reproduce? 
> If you don't have an account on (e.g.) a wildfire server please let me 
> know and I'll give you access to one/several accounts on
I set up a local OpenFire server - and everything is ok - can't
reproduce the bahavior.

> Before working on work arounds for this problem, I would like to 
> characterize it it's not my expectation that any 
> xmpp-compliant service would just drop messages...and if this is the 
> case (just dropping messages at a certain point), then it's going to be 
> a lot of work to figure out a strategy that will be guaranteed to work 
> (given we don't necessarily know what messages will be dropped).
After checking the google accounts, I'm starting to believe that my
problems are caused by some unexpected connection issues. Each time the
exception is thrown it happens at different parts of communication (in
messages with different offsets). Maybe the connection between and google talk is the problem? I'll try to test some
other xmpp servers.

> Thanks for the testing and reporting. If you can help with a little more 
> of this it would be appreciated...and we'll do as much as we can to 
> address it.
Thanks :)


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