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Re: [ecf-dev] Exception handling start message null

Hi Pawel,

Paweł Koperek wrote:
<stuff deleted>
It seems to me, that it may be the same problem.

I thought, that maybe the problem is, that some of messages might not
get delivered (e.g. dropped by the server)? I did a following test
(which I belive confirms my "theory" :) ): I added
System.out.println("Got a " + remoteMsg.getOffset() + " " +
remoteMsg.getText()); in and System.out.println("Sending " +
msg.getOffset() + " " + msg.getText()); in

Then I tried to reproduce the exception and on the console I got:
for the first instance of Eclipse:

Sending 2142 a
Sending 2143 s
Sending 2144 d
Sending 2145 /
Sending 2146 k
Sending 2147 l
Sending 2148 f
Sending 2149 j
Sending 2150 a
Sending 2151 ;
Sending 2152 f
Sending 2153 j
Sending 2154 k
Sending 2155 Sending 2156 Sending 2157
Sending 2158 s
Sending 2159 k
Sending 2160 d

<many lines with sent messages...>

Sending 2417 Sending 2418

and for the second one:

Got a 2142 a
Got a 2143 s
Got a 2144 d
Got a 2145 /
Got a 2146 k
Got a 2147 l
Got a 2148 f
Got a 2149 j
Got a 2150 a
Got a 2151 ;
Got a 2152 f
Got a 2153 j
Got a 2154 k
Got a 2417 Got a 2418

So obviously ~250 messages are missing. What do you think?

Wow. This is surprising. This is with (google talk?)

Would you please try with another account and see if you can reproduce? If you don't have an account on (e.g.) a wildfire server please let me know and I'll give you access to one/several accounts on

Maybe if
such situation occurs, one side of the sharing session should request
an automatic synchronization of whole document?

Well, that's a possible solution, but I'm not sure it could be guaranteed to work under all conditions.

A less complicated
solution is to show a suitable information (instead of "null") in the
dialog (user would now what happened and that he has to restart the
sharing editing session - the resynchronization would be performed) ?

Before working on work arounds for this problem, I would like to characterize it it's not my expectation that any xmpp-compliant service would just drop messages...and if this is the case (just dropping messages at a certain point), then it's going to be a lot of work to figure out a strategy that will be guaranteed to work (given we don't necessarily know what messages will be dropped).

I'm also forwarding this to Mustafa and Marcelo, the two committers who are leading the work on sync api and shared editing.

Thanks for the testing and reporting. If you can help with a little more of this it would be appreciated...and we'll do as much as we can to address it.


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