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Re: [ecf-dev] heads up with the future

Markus Alexander Kuppe wrote:
Scott Lewis wrote:
Also, since it seems somewhat unlikely that bug 24127 will be addressed
in this Eclipse SDK release cycle (i.e. in Eclipse 3.5), we will have to
include the org.eclipse.equinox.concurrency bundle in our own build and
deploy...either by building it ourselves from source or including the
copy built by the Equinox SDK in our distribution.  I, Ted, and Markus
will do a little investigation here to choose the easiest course.

+1 for consuming .concurrent from SDK build rather than building our own

As of right now, our build compiles/builds the concurrent bundle. This can easily be changed to retrieve/use the bundle built by the Equinox SDK (by change to map file), but I haven't had a chance to do this over the last day.

The latter is probably going to cause grief because of
different qualifiers.
Btw. the BM based build (automatically) picks up
org.eclipse.equinox.concurrent from 3.5milestones/ already.


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