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[ecf-dev] heads up with the future

Hi Folks,

The discovery and remote services APIs currently reference an IFuture interface, which is in org.eclipse.ecf.core.util. As part of these two enhancement requests:

I am soon going to be moving these references over to the IFuture interface and other classes over to the new org.eclipse.equinox.concurrency bundle/package namespace. This will mean import package name changes in remote services and discovery, and the *removal* of these classes from org.eclipse.ecf.core.util (where they have been so that we could proceed with development based upon these interfaces while the work on the equinox contribution proceeded).

Also, since it seems somewhat unlikely that bug 24127 will be addressed in this Eclipse SDK release cycle (i.e. in Eclipse 3.5), we will have to include the org.eclipse.equinox.concurrency bundle in our own build and deploy...either by building it ourselves from source or including the copy built by the Equinox SDK in our distribution. I, Ted, and Markus will do a little investigation here to choose the easiest course.



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