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[ecf-dev] TmL 0.2 was released (errata)

Title: TmL 0.2 was released (errata)

Hi TmL users and developers,

The TmL 0.2 was released. The features and plugins are available to download using the update site or the download page.

Please report any issue have you find and send to us any comments, questions and features.

Questions related to usability, API tips or general purpose please use the newsgroups. (news.eclipse.dsdp.tml)

Questions related to new features, implementations, API changes please use the mailing list. (dsdp-tml-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx)

This is our second release and we would like to congrats every contribution and dedication have we receive. This milestone is very important to the project evolution and it is essential for the community improvement.

API Backward
0.2 changed API: org.eclipse.tml.device was replaced by org.eclipse.tml.deviceType

Ramp down policy to the previous release (0.1)

0.2 Download Release (zips)

Build Notes -
*Release Notes -
*New & Noteworthy -
* The mirrors are updating these 2 files, please waiting a couple hours.

0.2   Update Site (jars)

0.2   Update Site Archive (zip contendo todo o update site)

TmL Official Web Site

TmL Wiki Pages

Thanks and regards

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