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[ecf-dev] ECF 2.1 released...and Happy Holidays

Hi Folks,

ECF 2.1 is now available at [1] below. See also the ECF main page [2], and New and Noteworthy [3].

Congratulations to all ECF committers and contributors on this release! There are some new, very nice things, along with many bug fixes. Further, we've got a very exciting ECF 3.0 release coming up next year as part of Galileo, and this release will help prepare everyone for Galileo.

Thanks to everyone who is working so hard on this project. It's extremely gratifying for me as project lead to see the project mature and have more and more major contributions from ECF committers and contributors.

Thanks particularly for work on the final testing/bug fixes and release engineering for this release go to Markus Kuppe and Ted Kubaska.

Finally, a very Happy Holidays to all of you.



CVS tag:  v20081224-1728

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