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Re: [ecf-dev] Http test server

Hi Pascal,

Seems like a good find.  I think there are a few remaining questions:

1) Identifying what server 'misbehavior' we/others wish to test against
2) Implementing that 'misbehavior' with this codebase...probably by necessity prior to IP approval 3) Having some public server resources to test with (as I don't believe localhost testing is going to be sufficient)

We (ECF team) have access to two servers at OSUOSL that can probably be used for some of 3 (since some of the 'misbehavior' cases probably should/would involve proxies, etc., then these servers cannot be used for such tests).


Pascal Rapicault wrote:

One of the recurring discussion the p2 and ECF teams have had, is how the heck do we test http servers, especially those being problematic? While looking around in the apache http client code base I came across this package called: org.apache.commons.httpclient.server which seems all about "/ A simple, but extensible HTTP server, mostly for testing purposes./". The code is visible here and can of course be downloaded from the apache SVN repo

This looks fairly promising esp that it seems to be fairly broadly use in the apache client test infrastructure.
What do you think?



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