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Re: [ecf-dev] ECF 2.1

Hi Youssef,

Youssef Mohammed wrote:
That's good news. I hope you guys will be able to do it.

If we don't/can't release on Dec 23rd, then we'll release on Jan 14th.

I'd like to help in testing, do we have some page for test cases /features that we I can go through ?

Regrettably, no. We do have a number of test projects (in /cvsroot/rt/ecf/tests/bundles), and these can/could be run in different environments if you are able.

Recording testing efforts in a public place is a very good idea, however, so I've created the following wiki page:

To coordinate/report testing results for 2.1. Please add to this wiki page as you do any testing (along with reporting bugs, of course).

Thanksinadvance for everyone's efforts.


Regards, Youssef

On Wed, Dec 17, 2008 at 3:49 AM, Scott Lewis <slewis@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:slewis@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

    Hi Folks,

    Just to let everyone know...I've been working with the Eclipse
    Foundation today and over the past few days to get ECF materials
    ready for a Dec 23 release review (for ECF 2.1).  I'm hopeful that
    we'll be able to schedule the release review for Dec 23, but there
    is a chance that everything won't be done in time and that it will
    have to be moved out to Jan 14.  But let's just hope it can be
    done on Dec 23.  I'll know one way or the other tomorrow (12/17)
    late morning pacific time and will report here.

    In preparation for the 2.1 release, I've done a build (with signed
    plugins/etc) and the update site for that exists here:

    I request that ECF committers (and other contributors if you are able)

    1) Install and test the ECF 2.1 either Eclipse
    version *3.4.1*  or *3.5M3+* (or both if you are able).
    2) Report any problems found (on install, documentation, plugin
    function, and/or API) to
    be sure to specify 2.1.0 as version, and please set the severity
    as major or higher so that we get it addressed as quickly as possible.



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