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Re: [ecf-dev] OSGi RFC 119 for ECF 3.0?

Hi Jan,

Do you think the RFC 119 authors and OSGi working group would allow us (me and other committers) to read/review RFC as to help with ref impl when time comes?


Rellermeyer Jan Simon wrote:
As I remember, the old version of RFC 119 had a declarative nature
(meta-data rather than API focus). Is that still true?

Yes, I think it's fair to say so.

If it is still
true do you think there are things about the spec that would imply
changes to the runtime API?...or would it mostly be additions that we
could build upon existing API?

There are changes, most of them because RFC 119 is likely to cause some changes to the OSGi core which we can use as well for our remote services. However, to answer this question in detail, I'll have to make some more deep investigations and/or just get started with trying to implement the current state of 119 upon ECF :-) (Both unlikely to happen before the end of this year though).


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