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Re: [ecf-dev] OSGi RFC 119 for ECF 3.0?

Hi Jan,

A quick follow up question below...

Rellermeyer Jan Simon wrote:
<stuff deleted>
Is there an RI for RFC 119 already?

I think so. But the implementers of the current discovery RI were inspired by the ECF discovery API (it even uses jSLP). The remote service part is a little bit more complex and SOA-ish than what we have but definitely worthwhile to consider supporting it through our protocol portfolio.

As I remember, the old version of RFC 119 had a declarative nature (meta-data rather than API focus). Is that still true? If it is still true do you think there are things about the spec that would imply changes to the runtime API?...or would it mostly be additions that we could build upon existing API?



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