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Re: [ecf-dev] Credentials and proxy API for file retrieval

Hi Scott,

Thanks for your answers. Below are some more follow up questions:

> The setProxy API allows callers to override the Platform proxy API, but
> if the setProxy is *not* used explicitly, the current impl of both
> providers will use the proxy API (if that bundle is
> present) to get/use proxy information and proxy credentials.

Should I open a JavaDoc related defect or enhancement request?

> >
> > Q4: The need for Authentication can be influenced by the presence of
> > cookies. How are cookies managed?
> >
> They are not currently managed by the ECF provider code.  If a specific
> provider manages them (e.g. httpclient or urlconnection) then that's how
> they are managed.

> >
> > Q5: HttpClient 3 and 4 provide a great deal of connection management
> > logic. Typically one would want to use the same connection manager
> > across different retrievals. How can ECF take advantage of this?
> >
> The httpclient provider can/could be modified to use the same connection
> manager (if I'm understanding correctly).

Yes. This would also cause credential state to be cached as well as
cookies (in HttpClient 3).
But some callers may require additional control. For example to
never accept cookies, allow only a certain number of connections per host,
forget certain credentials etc.
Some apps may need different strategies.
Is there a natural place where this would fit?

> >
> > Q6: An alternative to having the ECF consumer deal with
> > authentication, ECF could potentially be responsible for managing
> > this. Credentials and proxy info would not have to be passed in at all
> > and ECF would do 'the right thing'.
> >
> In the case of proxy info ECF does do 'the right thing'...assuming that
> the right thing is using the platform's net proxy API :).
> > However in this case some API would presumably be needed to clear
> > (some) credentials, cookies, close open connections etc.
> >
> Yes.  For ECF to manage credentials that's agreed...there would be
> additional API (and probably UI also) needed to manage/clear
> credentials, cookies, etc.

Are there plans or existing RFEs for this?

Thanks again,


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