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Re: [ecf-dev] Unget remote OSGi services

Hi Eugen,

Which provider/protocol is this using?  ECF generic or XMPP or some other?

BTW, I'm going to be taking some time off, so I will not be as responsive to this list or the newsgroup for a little while.

Eugen Reiswich wrote:
Hi folks,

I have some problems to unget remote OSGi services over ECF. When I close my application I perform an unget service method call:

public void ungetRemoteService(ID[] idFilter, String serviceName,
String filter) throws ECFException, InvalidSyntaxException {

IRemoteServiceContainerAdapter remoteServiceContainerAdapter = (IRemoteServiceContainerAdapter) this.containter

IRemoteServiceReference[] refs = remoteServiceContainerAdapter
.getRemoteServiceReferences(idFilter, serviceName, filter);

if (refs != null) {
// unget the remote service
for (int serviceNumber = 0; serviceNumber < refs.length; serviceNumber++) {


But unfortunatelly this doesn't work because next time I log in one additional service is available. So after 10 logins I've got 10 equal services registered for the same client. Is this again the containerID and rosterID problem? I mean while retrieving the IRemoteServiceReferences:
IRemoteServiceReference[] refs = remoteServiceContainerAdapter
.getRemoteServiceReferences(idFilter, serviceName, filter);

I provide as filterIDs an array with roster IDs. Could this be the source of the problem?


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